Madrid 1955, she lives and works in Madrid, Spain


1978 Top Architect (Official School of Architects, Madrid)
Studies of architecture and design in Polytechnical University of Madrid


2019 Selected in the Competition 80 International Exhibition of graphic arts, painting. Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas
Selected in the AEPE Contest, small paint format. Moncloa Culture Center
2016 Selected in the International Photography Contest of the Diputación de Cuenca
Selected in the Autumn Salon for her Gallitos de Casas de Vacas del Buen Retiro
2008 Moss explained macroesculturas and paintings in the gallery Orellana 16.
2007 gallery Godoy, Madrid
2006 gallery Marita Segovia, Madrid
2005 gallery Larra, Madrid
2003 exhibition hall of the Town hall of Oviedo
2000 monastery of Santa Maria of Bujedo, Burgos
1996 Goya Gallery, New York
1991 exhibition hall of the Savings bank of Burgos


1981 silver hexagon. Award “Habitation Space”. Milano, Italy
1984 selected. Contest of design of furniture. Fair of Bilbao
1985 rewarded Concapa
1985 medal in the International Biennial VIIth of Photo “Europe 85”
1985 selected. I compete “Art and Fashion” of FITVE
1987 the first award. Contest of the magazine Tigris (front), Iraq
1988 International award. Contest of cartels of the Press office of Iraq
1997 the first Award. Contest of photo of Villaverde, Madrid
1998 silver medal. Award of photo of Caixa de Fieus
2000 selected. Sample of the Cultural center Count duke, Madrid
2003 selected. Contest of Photo “White person and Black”
2004 selected. VII Call of plastic arts. Delegation of Alicante


Collection Mrs. Maria de Bujeda
Collection Pérez Escolar
Collection Jesus de Polanco
Collection Joaquín Berao
Collection Hollemberg
Collection JP Morgan Chase Bank
Collection Exxon
Collection Monsalve